In early development. Old Mopeds is a free to play game primarily for smartphones, that honor the ever persistent fascination with old mopeds in people of all ages. The gameplay is an original reimagining of a genre in which you manage a garage through an endless career mode of races.

To this is added an asynchronous social challenge mode, in which you can challenge friends to compete on who owns the most top tuned vintage mpeds.

From the game you also get a unique inside into the social history of mopeds in the 20th century in text, film and pictures.

Old Mopeds is developed in close collaboration with vintage moped club Teufelskerle to ensure the authenticity of the moped experience! Former associate professor of history Søren Hein Rasmussen is the research and background story developer and will apply historical ballast to the narratives and gameplay from the wild and amazing social history of mopeds.