Four screens from the actual game

Four screens from the actual game

A strange game that should make the top of the charts in little time.
— Time Magazine - Games of the Month in March 2015
Get it FOR FREE here

Get it FOR FREE here

Released 2014. The Heartbeats prologue: "When no one was watching, he would indulge in puzzles so challenging and unforgiving that they would make him forget the world outside - and the war that consumed the galaxy.

And so, all he left behind for the universe to remember him by was a series of puzzles that portrayed the events that had moved and made him. This game was his story and his legacy.

He called it Heartbeats."

It’s a beautifully presented think piece: a selection of cryptic puzzles told within the framing device of a wistful narrative
— AppSpy/PocketGamer
We loved the experience. It’s not long, but it’s both deep and deeply satisfying.
— Cnet, Best mobile games of March 2015

Heartbeats is

  • A stylish mix of classic point'n'click'ish puzzles.
  • A graphic novel in the iPhone format.
  • A hardcore, old school and unforgiving experience.
  • A short story where each pages is the puzzle, that unlocks the next.
  • A bunch of Spotify playlists as game music made by cool friends who know their music.
  • A game where the first three levels are for free.
  • A game where the remaining seven levels cost only $ 0,99.
The game icon on your iPhone.

The game icon on your iPhone.


  • Nordic Game Awards - Best Nordic Handheld Game, Best Artistic Achievement & Best Nordic Innovation
  • Spilprisen (The Game Award) - Artistic Achievement of The Year
  • Danish Game Awards - Danish Game of The Year

Spotify playlist creators
Heartbeats has no music but the game comes with an array of playlists, that we've asked cool people, who know their music to create and they delivered big time (THANKS AGAIN, GUYS!). Find the playlists here or access them through the game: