Concept art of Felix The Reaper in his ministry work clothes.

Concept art of Felix The Reaper in his ministry work clothes.

In production. Make sure people die, while you dance through the shadows in an attempt to meet the enchanting Betty The Maiden. Felix The Reaper is a 3D adventure game/shadow puzzler, in which your job is to make sure people die by solving death puzzles.

Felix is Death or at least he’s one reaper character among many others, who works at The Ministry of Death. In the gaming, you are playing your way through the ministerial test to become a field reaper. If Felix makes sure 5 people die, as they are supposed to, he's ready to be promoted to field reaper. As field reaper he might get a chance to work alongside Betty The Maiden, who works at The Ministry of Life.

Felix The Reaper is our interpretation of the actual art history of Death.

The game is developed with historians, who also writes a biography - The Life of Death - that is partially a book and partially integrated into the game as human history briefs from the ministry to Felix.

The animations of Death are developed by professional dancers. The interactive music is produced by an array of wonderful Danish indie music artists. 

The team behind the project is partly part of the game development collective MegaNørd and we're all focused on bringing you unforgettable entertainment.