This game is a mind-boggling graphic novel puzzler for mobile devices. You Point-and-click through a century of 10 puzzling stories from Chadwick House.

Get ready to experience the successor of the widely credited graphic novel puzzler Heartbeats (2015) which was featured in Time Magazine’s “Games of the Month, March 2015”. With Heartbeats, a unique genre emerged between the classic graphic novel and puzzle game.

Chadwick House presents a peculiar combination of historic events and sci-fi twists while you play through 10 decades staged in the three-floored American house. Each decade has its own chapter which presents a puzzle. The player must solve the puzzle in order to continue. Solving the puzzles sometimes requires twisting your mind to uncover the fate of the characters.

Dig into the nightmares of 5-year-old Maddy during the 1930’s, puzzle your way through 1980’s low budget TV sets, and work your way through piles of mannequin dolls in the 2020’s where holograms have replaced physical displays. This game will take you on a journey of both visually pleasing aesthetics and immersive sound design.

Chadwick House is:

  • A graphic novel puzzler produced for mobile devices
  • A captivating collection of 10 brief stories scattered across time
  • A puzzle experience for unyielding players
  • Visual storytelling with game mechanics

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Behind Chadwick House are:

  • Esben Kjær Ravn – Designer and Producer
  • Boris Hansen – Designer and Author
  • Kamila Slocinska – Artist
  • Jakob Hougaard Andersen - Programmer