About Kong Orange & Partners

The world needs digital quality time. 

Digital quality time is unforgettable entertainment your mind feasts on, while your heart is beating.

That’s what we create at Kong Orange. Be it in the form of games, digital comics, music experiences, e-books or other digitally based entertainment. 

Kong Orange is a business and production umbrella, that keeps a vigorous body moving ecstatically in a meaningful direction. The body is formed by a colorful collective of friends, partners and colleagues.

Esben Kjær Ravn is the sole proprietor of Kong Orange, but all the different production teams are made up from tailored patchworks of freelancers and co-contracters.

Esben Kjær Ravn. CEO & Founder of Kong Orange. Creative director, designer and producer. Esben is the guy who takes Kong Orange to the streets and makes sure it’s projects reach an audience. That is, when he isn’t busy filtering the ideas of the teams and boiling them down into concrete designs and production plans. He might also be raising funds.


For more on the extensive music artist collaborations in both Heartbeats and Puzzle Macabre - go to the specific pages.

Mikkel Maltesen. 2D and 3D artist. Artistic lead on The Shanghai 1927 comic book and Puzzle Macabre (and Elf Scare too). Mikkel has been part of the Kong Orange projects since before Kong Orange. His enormous skill and talent take everything we do to super hero standards, while everything is still clearly personal and Mikkelesque. Other than being an artist Mikkel has a big and meaningful role in overall design and content ideas in general.

Søren Hein Rasmussen. Historical researcher, author and editor - Research historical background and writes or editor all the historical content of The Shanghai 1927 Project, Puzzle Macabre and Old Mopeds. Søren has been an associate professor of Histori at Aarhus Universtity for decades. He’s an acclaimed writer and speaker. He has  been with Kong Orange from the get go. He’s the beating heart in our ability to mine history and process it into the writing that constitutes unforgettable entertainment.

Jakob Hougaard Andersen. Programmer and Audio designer - One of the two core programmers of Puzzle Macabre in which he also contribute with audio (and Elf Scare too). Jakob is a meticulous practitioner and researcher of the very best and original programming solutions to the countless problems we keep creating for ourselves. This goes as well for his audio design, which is also his formal educational background. His game design and content input is very valued and plenty. Jakob is mainly specialized in Unity 3D. Jakob has also been part of the production since it’s beginning.

Sune Hedegaard Hede. One of the two core programmers of Puzzle Macabre (and Elf Scare too). Sune is by now a very senior Unity programmer. He joined the Puzzle Macabre production from the start and brought plenty of experience to it and has been doing so ever since. Sune is an digital installation artist in his own right, and works as tech leads on other game projects as well. Besides being the tech guy Sune is a music artist and producer. Among his musical achievements Sune can count the music for Elf Scare (even though he might count it among his minor achievemnts).

Jan Hougaard Andersen. Graphic Designer on Puzzle Macabre and The Shanghai 1927 Project. Jan's background and day job in advertising makes him one of the most experience people in any Kong Orange project. His talent and elentless effort to polish and tighten the overall feel as well as any detail encapsulates the soul of the game or product he is part of in a meaningful and beautiful way.

Boris Hansen. Programmer and accomplished author. One third of Heartbeats and programmer on The Shanghai 1927 Project app and websites. Boris has written a succesful Danish fantasy trilogy - The Oldest Myth (Den ældste myte). A skill he utilised as story writer in Heartbeats, which he also programmed

Kamila Slocinska. Illustrating artist. Kamila is an established illustrator of childrens books, but her universal style appeals across all ages. Her contribution as one third of the Heartbeats game is surely the part, that has gained the project it's widespread recognition. She remains completely unique, while her professionalism and dynamic ability to bend her style allows her to deliver very effective and meaningful interactive content, even though her background is print.

Signe Bisgaard. Jazz Composer. Signe is holds the highest education in Danish jazz composing - the solo class of music conservatory in Danmark. Even though her background is classic in any way, she has jumped right in and now she's creating wonderful interactive big band music for The Shanghai 1927 comic book.

Johan Oettinger. Stop motion animation film artist, director & producer. Runs Wired Fly. Johan has won world wide recognition with his short film smash hit Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto. Since he approached Kong Orange to collaborate on a game version of Word Pharmacy together with writer Morten Søndergård it has been clear as glass, that he can do games as he does stop motion animation. Johan collaborates with some of the most skilled stop motion artists in the world, when he realises his visions.

Morten Søndergård. Writer, artist & poet. Morten is a well known and critically acclaimed Danish author and poet. He created Word Pharmacy years back and has gone on to have it spawn in several new forms since. Now he has joined forces with Johan Oettinger and Kong Orange in order to make a game from Word Pharmacy. Other than his writings Morten is a mu

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